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Are you buying a new house? If so, you might agree that the whole process is complicated and chaotic. You might have looked at certain houses that you might have liked. But before you make the final offer and close the deal, you need to consider Naperville roofing and its condition.

If you are buying a house that needs a new roof, you need to know certain crucial things.

Naperville roofers

Can you get a mortgage for a house that needs a new roof?

Well, yes and no! So, when you are buying a new house, you will get a mortgage if you have active homeowner’s insurance. Now, if you are buying a new house that needs a new roof, it will entirely depend on the insurance company. Some insurance companies will give you insurance but won’t cover the repair and replacement until closing. Whereas some will give you cover for repair and replacement only if it is done in 30 days until closing. Different situations might affect your mortgage ability.

  • The roof inspector sees the damage

If the roof inspector sees major damage from the ground, you might not get a mortgage or insurance until it is repaired.

  • Request a roof inspection

If you have requested a roof inspection and it is found that the roof is in good condition, you can get the seller to pay for it. You can also consult your insurance company to determine when the coverage begins.

  • The roof shows no imminent signs of damage

A roof inspection is not a standard procedure during buying a new house. So, a seemingly damaged roof might pass the inspection. Now, it will entirely depend on the roofing inspector and insurance company’s policies whether they will provide insurance for the repair.

roofing contractors in Naperville IL

Tell-Tale Signs of Roof Damage

Chances are that you might be able to skip the roof inspection process and yet get insurance coverage at closing. However, it would be wise to know the condition of the roof. There are certain things you can do to observe the tell-tale signs of roof damage.

  • Ask the seller to give you a home maintenance report to determine the age of the roof. If it is 10-15 years old, you must call Naperville roofers to take a look.
  • Consider the flashing material used to seal the roof. Replace cement or tar flashing with a metal material.
  • Check gutters and spouts for damaged shingles
  • Check the insides of the home, especially the corners. If you see stains, chances are there is a hidden water leak.
  • Stand as far as possible and look for mold growth, shingle damage, and such physical damage.


Buying a new house that needs a new roof can overcomplicate the buying process. However, if you love the house and go forward with buying the house, you will need roof repair services.

You can contact us at Titan Construction for high-quality roofing services. We have been the best roofing contractors in Naperville IL for more than 24 years. Our expert team will be glad to take a look at the roof and give you the finest roof repair services.

Contact us now to know more.

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