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PAINTING & Drywall

The Titan Approach

With an ever-growing demand for exterior and interior painting, Titan has opened a full painting division for all your needs. From simple cabinet painting to full cedar exterior stain, we can get the job done! Over the last 10 years, Titan has worked with C&E Painting for large and small projects. Chris & Erin are a father/daughter team with 25+ years of experience. In 2019, we decided to form a full partnership under the Titan Painting name. Now, Titan contractors provide ceiling drywall repair, installation & are also able to offer the following services in Naperville, Oswego, and other locations in Illinois:

✓ Interior/Exterior
✓ Residential/Commercial Painting
✓ Drywall & Taping
✓ Refinish Cabinets
✓ Staining Stairs, Windows & Doors
✓ Wood/Trim Replacement
✓ Power Washing

What to Expect

Titan has you covered! The Titan Team goes to great lengths to ensure we deliver prompt and professional service. We want to be your only full-service construction company, that way you can have peace of mind knowing Titan has your back!


Emmett came out and evaluated the entire situation in a professional and courteous way. He is an honest man and helped me to understand that the leak that occured–which I thought was going to cost me thousands to fix–will only require an $8 can of stain blocker and some paint to make things like new again. Thanks again Emmett! You definitely will be my go-to-guy from now on.

Kevin, Valued Titan Customer

Do you remember when the customer was king–when businesses lived by one simple rule, the customer is always right? These days customer service is suffering as less qualified individuals fill jobs out of necessity. That brings me to this company, Titan Construction Enterprise. Hands down, this company Titan Construction truly has their game together when it comes to a complete roof repair and home remodeling solutions. Lester and his guys do a phenomenal job, from the time they come to see the job, to the talk about the estimate, giving their personal opinions and handling permit requirements. All to actually doing the work in question to a complete customer satisfied finish! Step by step they handle their procedures to a perfectly complete finished product with the crews being polite and caring all through the way. I have been working with Titan Construction Enterprise for over 10 years and I am very satisfied with Lester and his crew. The various remodeling jobs they have done for me span from 2008 to upcoming jobs in 2019. Truly a company worth talking about to friends and family. Titan Construction Enterprise, look no further.

Alby K, Valued Titan Customer

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Communication is key

We will communicate with you regularly providing statuses of the installation. Each installation is assigned a supervisor who inspects the project. This is to ensure quality and uncover any areas that may need perfecting.


We are here for you

Go ahead and leave us a message. We will promptly respond as soon as we can. If you have an emergency or want to speak with a specialist right away then please do not hesitate to give us a call! 630-272-8204

Need New Windows?

Titan construction is ready to come to your home and give you a free onsite inspection of your windows.

  • Free onsite inspection
  • No hassle quote
  • Affordable financing options
  • Bulk window discounts