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Written by Carter Sheehan

November 29, 2022

Roof and Gutter Issues: Hints for Fixing These Problems

roof and gutter issues

roof and gutter issues

Hints for Fixing Roof and Gutter Issues

Admittedly, roofs can be difficult to deal with. Indeed, there are many aspects that go into keeping a roof safe. Notably, one common problem take care of yourself is your gutter system. So, read on to see how to fix your roof and gutter issues.

Finding a Leaky Roof

To start, a leaky roof is a good sign of water damage. Of course, if your roof is damaged by leaks, it may be too late to repair. If you find lots of leakage, call a pro to get you a quote. However, how do you find these leaks in the first place?

To find these, look for any roof penetrations. Indeed, this is the easiest way for water to leak into your roof. Remember, areas with uninterrupted shingles rarely leak, so look by the vents, chimneys, and dormers.

If you have attic access, this process is much easier. Look for water stains, black marks, or mold.

For leaks that are hard to find, ask someone to help you for this next part. Then, go on your roof and soak certain parts of your roof that may be leaking with a hose. With the person inside, have them tell you if there are any spots that leak when the drip becomes visible. Overall, these steps should help you find any leaks you roof may have.

Cleaning Your Gutters to Prevent Leaks

Also, another way leaks can happen is through gutter issues. Indeed, gutters are vital for keeping water away from inside your home. Thus, you need to deal with any clogged gutters.

First, see if your gutters need attention. If you have gutter overflow, there many be a problem with leaks. Gutter guards help with this due to their great gutter protection, but you may still have issues like this to fix. So, if you see a leak, take care of it.

First, you need to assemble the right tools. Since it is a dirty job, you want to have safety goggles, a hat, rubber gloves, work shoes, and a long-sleeved shirt. With these items, you will stay safe and clean.

Next, get a ladder and make sure it is stable for your own safety. Additionally, you may want to have a helper or stabilizer to keep the ladder in place.

Now, you can scoop out any noticeable debris. For the best results, use a spatula or garden scoop/shovel to remove debris that is blocking the gutter from good water flow. Remember, you can use a wire brush to easily clean out any rust that may form. After this, use a garden hose to rinse out any extra debris.

Also, take this time to note any problems with your gutters. At this point, you may find leaks, disconnected downspouts, sagging gutters, or other gutter problems. If so, these need to be fixed.

How to Fix Leaking Gutters

So, how can you fix a leaking gutter?

Usually, gutters leak at the joints of the gutter sections. If there is standing water in the gutters, it can rust these joints and cause leaks.

First, allow the gutters to dry out and brush any of the leaking seams clean. Next, apply a silicone or gutter caulk along the seams on the inside and outside to seal the leaks.

If there are small holes in the gutters, you can patch it with roofing cement. First, put it on the hole, then spread it with a putty knife. Make sure the hole is covered completely. Also, remember to do this on a hot day so the cement dries correctly.

For large holes, take a sheet-metal patch and embed it in asphalt roofing cement. Then, apply another coat of cement over the patch.

Disconnected Downspouts

Next, you may have a disconnected downspout if you are having gutter issues. If so, take the downspout off and clean it out separately. Indeed, this helps ensure that every part of the gutter is clean.

Then, refasten the downspout back to the gutter. To do so, push the downspout sections and elbow together and fasten them with galvanized sheet metal screws. Remember, you may need to drill pilot holes to help drill in the right spot.

For easy removal in the future, fasten the top downspout to the S-curve outlet with one or two screws at each joint.

Fixing Roof and Gutter Issues

Of course, these are only a few hints for doing proper roof gutter repair. However, they should get you started on fixing your roof and gutter issues. If you have more roofing needs, call Titan Construction for a free quote.

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