Every year Chicago and nearby regions experience heavy snowfall. This snow and ice gradually accumulate on the house roof. Now, you might not think about it too much, but your house roof is protecting you from this snow and ice.

But are you protecting the house roof from damage? Now, we know you might say what can you do in front of the force of mother nature! Well, that’s true, but you can’t neglect your duties as a homeowner to remove the snow and ice from the roof periodically to ensure that it stays in the best shape.

As leadingroofing contractors in Oswego IL, we find several homeowners clueless about how to tackle the accumulated snow on the house roof. Let’s remove any doubts once and for all with this blog post. In this blog, we will tell you the signs that indicate you need to remove snow and ice from the roof right away.

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4 Signs You Need to Remove Snow and Ice From Your Roof Right Away!

  • Snow Density
The first thing you should notice is the snow density. If the snow is light and fluffy, it won’t cause immediate damage to the roof. However, if you find wet and heavy snow on your roof, you must remove it right away. Wet and heavy snow will cause significant damage to the roof if neglected.
  • Pitch of the Roof
Do you have a flat or shallow roof? Well, you need to be more careful! Shallow and flat roofs result in more accumulation of snow easily. Since there is a lesser slope,the snow doesn’t fall off on its own. It sits in one single spot. Also, if the snow melts, the water sits on that single spot and eventually causes mold growth and structural damages. As a roofing Oswego IL company, we always suggest our customers have a roof that has a slight slope to ensure water and snow can flow out easily.
  • Snow Distribution on the Roof
Usually, snow will be driven to different spots on the roof due to heavy winds. This uneven distribution of snow on the roof will cause uneven damage to the roof. Hence, if you find too much snow at the ends of the slope, you might also find ice dams. This is a sign to clean the roof snow right away.
  • Snow Overload
Lastly, snow overload is another indication it is time to remove the snow from the roof. How can you check for snow overload? It’s simple! All you need to do is try opening every window in the house. Does it open easily, or do you need to put more force to open it? Do you feel it is suddenly jammed? This is a sign of snow overload. You must remove the snow immediately.
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However, we know that even after knowing these signs, some homeowners make the mistake of delaying and ignoring the snow. This causes damage to the roof that needs professional repair services.

In that case, you can contact us at Titan Construction. We are the finest, professional, certified, and experienced roofing contractors in Wheaton IL known to provide the finest roof repair, installation, and replacement services. We also provide window and siding services too.

Take advantage of our 24 years of experience as a roofing contractor in Chicago and keep your house roof in top shape all year round. Contact us now to know more.

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