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If you live in Chicago and nearby regions, you might have witnessed harsh winter and heavy snowfall. While you are sitting safely in your warm home, your house roof is taking the brunt of the heavy snowfall.

Heavy snow and ice can have a major impact on your roof and its condition. Even if you have the best roofing Oswego IL, you will see the effect of snow and ice on the roof.

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The 5 Deadly Problems

Here are a few ways that snow and ice can have a negative impact on your house roof.

  • Ice and Snow Buildup

When it is just a few snowflakes, your roof will see no impact. But particularly on a snowy day, ice and snow buildup on your roof can put some serious pressure resulting in damage.

This can affect the ability of the roof to protect you from snow and ice in the coming days. Hence, after such a day, you should get your roof inspected by professional roofing company Shorewood to find any damages and getting it repaired.

  • Freeze and Thaw Cycle

The freeze-thaw cycle of snow and ice can also have a major impact on your roof. The snow will freeze in your gutter and eventually melt and enter the cracks. Then on the next snowy day, it will freeze and melt again and enter even larger cracks. This will damage your roof.

  • Ice Dams

Have a flat roof? If so, you will find ice dams on the roof during winters that will melt during the warmer days and months. This will result in a leak in your attic and the interior of your home. This will damage your roof and the interior of your home.

Before this happens, get professional roofing contractors Warrenville IL for inspection and repair of any damage to avoid any further issues.

  • Roof Blisters

Yes, your roof can also have blisters. This happens if you have a flat or low-sloped roof. When the warmer months come, the moisture is trapped in the roof due to evaporation causing blisters on the roof.

  • Snow Removal Damage

As a homeowner, you must make sure that any accumulated snow and ice must be removed. But you might end up damaging your roof. Hence, you must call a professional company that can remove the snow without damaging your roof.

roofing contractors Warrenville IL


Snow and ice can have damaging effects on your roof. If you find that you need to call a professional contractor, you can contact us at Titan Construction.

We have been providing the highest quality of roofing, siding, windows repair, replacement, and installation services in the region. We have an experience of more than 24 years in this industry. So, rest assured you will get the best services.

Contact us now to know more.

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