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Written by Peter Byer

August 29, 2022

How to Repair or Fix Roof Leaks

How to Repair / Fix A Roof Leak?

Whether in your home or office, a roof leak can lead to a mess. Roofs that are not sturdy and leak-proof can cause worry during rains and storms. Therefore, it is best to take the required action at the right time and fix roof leaks sooner rather than later. While it is possible to fix roof leaks, you will need the help of a professional to fix significant leakages. Simply searching for ‘roofing companies near me’ or ‘roofer near me’ on Google can connect you to a professional.

Fix Roof Leaks: Step-By-Step

Here is a step-by-step guide to fixing roof leaks:

Analyze the area

Whenever you see a wet spot on your roof or wall, it might be due to a leaky roof. It would help if you immediately analyze the area from the rooftop to see if there are any structural issues or damages.

Steel or iron installations attached directly to the roof help moisture penetrate inside. Damaged and old chimneys, roof vents, and plumbing installations are often the primary reasons for roof leakages. Mold grows on the roof’s outer part due to leakage issues. Monitor your roof closely to look for these leakage signs.

The materials used in making roofs and their durability play a key role in preventing leakages. If any of these components become useless or are poorly installed, that could also result in roof leakages. Fixing things yourself could worsen the state of leakage. Hence, it is recommended that you book an appointment with a roofing company near you.

Use practical solutions to fix roof leaks

Finding leaks is difficult, especially when the weather is sunny or dry. Pour water over your roof using a hose for a few minutes. The areas with leakages will become wet slowly, giving you an idea about the leaks. You can seek professional help to spot the leakages that are difficult to find. Sometimes, it could be hard to find the leakage spots if your roof is dirty. In such cases, cleaning the roof thoroughly before pouring water is advisable.

Sometimes rusted flashing around brick chimneys can be the reason behind the roof leakages. One solution is to replace the flashing. It will prevent the water from seeping through the rusted corners and ultimately help fix roof leaks. It may be convenient to slip new flashing over the existing one. However, a better solution is to remove the old flashing and install the new one. Flashing made from galvanized steel could be better as they tend to be more rust-resistant than regular steel and iron flashing.

Fix the small leaks and holes immediately

There could be small and large leakage areas on your roof. You can fix the small leaks by using a leak-fixing liquid or solution. However, these liquid solutions cannot repair the significant cracks and damages. If the concrete or other roof material has worn out, it is better to get professional help to
repair it.

The small holes on your roof due to electric or plumbing installations could be the reason behind your leaky roof. If you find such holes be quick to cover or fix them immediately to prevent further leakages.

You may be tempted to use roof cement or caulk to fix the leakages. However, these solutions won’t last long. Hasty repair remedies may worsen the situation and make things difficult for experts. Your best move would be to approach a roofer with experience in handling damaged roofs.

Look for a permanent solution to fix roof leaks for good

Even though small leakages can be managed for the short term, a permanent solution is required in most cases. Also, you may not have the essential tools to fix roof leaks yourself. Even getting a simple thing like a ladder could cost you dearly. Therefore, getting professional help is better than fixing leaks yourself.

Look for companies that have an experienced team of professionals equipped with all the necessary and latest equipment to get your roof repair work done.

Why Opt for Titan Construction to Help You Fix Roof Leaks?

Titan Construction has a combined experience of over 250 years in roofing and construction works. The experienced workforce ensures that repair work is handled skillfully, with utmost attention to detail, and executed in a timely manner.

We offer a range of roofing and roof repair services in Lombard, Orland Park, Plainfield, and St. Charles. Here are some of the key features of our roofing solutions:

  • Financing options are available for extensive repair works
  • Only high-quality roofing materials are used
  • Robust roofing techniques are employed to ensure complete leak-proof roofs
  • Materials with an extensive warranty period are used in repair and roofing work
  • Full transparency and a fair price are guaranteed to all customers
  • Repair works are conducted while adhering to the safety, cleanliness, and workmanship standards

You receive a lifetime warranty when you choose Titan Construction as your roofing service provider. This warranty is also available for the new owner in case you sell the property after a few years.

The workforce of Titan Construction specializes in residential roofing. Latest technologies are employed to ensure quick and efficient repair and roofing works. Apart from roofing, we also offer top-notch painting, door styling, windows and door fixing, and other construction services.

Integrity, work ethic, quality, and commitment are the hallmarks of our work. Our workers are regularly imparted extensive OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) training. A supervisor is allotted to each project to ensure the quality of work is superior and the deadline is met. The status of the ongoing work is conveyed to the clients regularly.

Contact My Titan Construction today for effective solutions to your roof leakage woes. We have the best products and team for all your construction needs, from roofs to siding, windows and doors, garages, gutters, and interior painting.

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