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It is rightly said that “If you have a roof over your head, you are one of the lucky people in the world”. And if these past few months have taught us something, it is that having a stable house with a sturdy roof can prove to be the biggest asset in times of uncertainty. 

So, make sure your house roof is in its top shape to protect you and your loved ones for the time to come. Even if it has a small leak, get efficient roof leak repair right away. Now, if you are a curious being, you would want to know the root cause of the roof leak. In this post, we will tell five common causes of a leaky roof. 

  • Broken Shingles or Tiles:

If you live in an area that is prone to heavy storms or rainfall, broken shingles or tiles can cause a leaky roof. Since they are the top covering of the underlayment, breaking of a single tile or shingle can result in a small leak. Call a professional right away to install new shingles or tiles. 

  • Damaged Flashings:

The mastic or tar on flashings can get damaged over time. And if your area is frequented by heavy storms and rains, your roof is exposed to damage. So, if you notice that the mastic or tar has been removed from the flashings, get professional roof repair right away to avoid leaks. 

  • Faults in sealed valleys:

Have a leaky roof while it is raining? If yes, you might fault sealed valleys. These are sloped areas where two planes of roof connect. If it is not sealed correctly, you will have a leaking roof and you might have to run for the bucket! Get it repaired right away. 

  • Leaky Vents:

Observing dark spots near the vent and musty smell in your house? You might have rainwater leaking from the roof vents. Get the leaks repaired with professional roof repair services. 

  • Leaky Skylights:

Skylights are meant to be fitted correctly to bring in natural light not result in leaky roofs. If you find water leakage from the skylight, chances are it wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. Get it repaired right away with professional help to prevent your house from flooding. 

These are five common causes of roof leakage and we at Titan Construction can deal with them by providing excellent roof repair services. 

We are one of the leading roof contractors in Illinois who are known to provide the finest roof repair, replacement, and installation services. 

We will ensure that your house roof is always in its best shape to give you coverage in changing weather making your house more comfortable. 

Apart from roofing services, we are also known to give several other excellent construction services such as window installation, garage door installation and repair, siding repair and installation service, drywall, and painting services. 

We are not your average construction company! We strive to deliver the best quality of construction services to our clients. This has allowed us to gain extensive experience for the past 20 years and made us an industry leader.

Over the years, we have realized that keeping the needs of the clients is crucial for building a remarkable reputation in the market. And hence we have always followed a customer-oriented approach. 

This approach allows us to keep our customer’s needs a priority. We then ensure that these construction needs are fulfilled as soon as possible. And for the same, we follow a quick four-step process. 

We initiate the conversation with our customers for knowing the construction issue that they want us to deal with. We will get to know what services our customers need and evaluate if we are the right fit.

If we are the perfect fit for you, we will begin measuring the construction space and give you a free estimate. 

This free estimate will be given with a detailed project proposal. This proposal will ensure that you have all the information about the whole job, including the schedule and expenses. 

We believe that complete transparency with our customers is of the utmost importance and this four-step process is followed to ensure the same. 

Our three core values of safety, communication, and higher 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION allow us to provide the finest construction services in the region. 

Whether you need an emergency roof repair or siding installation, contact us right away!

With Titan- Satisfaction is Always Guaranteed!