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Written by Peter Byer

August 28, 2022

Gutter Drain Pipe: 5 Steps To Repairing Your Underground Gutter Drainage

5 Steps To Repairing Your Underground Gutter Drainage

If you want to get your gutter drain pipe repaired we have an article for you. First and foremost, the foundation and structure are of primary importance in quality home construction. Apart from these, one crucial feature that should not be overlooked is the drainage system. Placing a network of pipes that allow water to drain away from your home and property is an ideal solution to drainage issues. Such a network constitutes the underground gutter drainage, which helps to divert water far away from the property, keeping its foundation safe and dry.

Faulty gutter systems are a nuisance as they cause water to pool around your home, creating pressure in the soil that may damage the foundation. In such a situation, an immediate fix-up is essential. If you are looking for reliable solutions regarding gutter drain pipe repair in the Plainfield, St. Charles, Orland Park, and Lombard areas, then connect with Titan Construction, which provides professional services ranging from underground gutter installations to replacements. Request a free quote here.

Gutter Drain Pipe: Things to watch out for when repairing or replacing gutters

Improper drainage may lead to structural issues in your home and pave the way to a swampy mess. Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs that indicate your property needs a gutter drain pipe repair on priority:

  • Mold growth on ceilings
  • Rust stains and flakes on walls
  • Soggy and mulchy garden floor
  • Water washing away parts of your landscaping
  • Nails loosening from gutters
  • Sewage blocks and drain clogs
  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Unpleasant odour
  • An infestation of rodents and insects
  • Water pooling in the basement
  • Building up of ice on walkways in winters

The five steps involved in gutter drain pipe repair

Are you attempting to fix a broken downspout or underground drainage pipe yourself? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

Step 1: Check the downspouts, underground clogs, and outflow openings

It is imperative to track down the source of the problem before setting it out for repair. Check and pinpoint the possible issue associated with the damaged underground drainage system.

  • Inspect the downspouts that are connected to underground drains with adapters. If the adapter is not attached correctly or is of the wrong size and shape, water spillage will occur each time it rains.
  • Find out whether your underground drains are clogged. If that is the case, you will notice water gushing out of the drainage pipe. The surrounding area will get swampy with water due to gutter overflow.
  • Check the exit point where the underground drain empties. You could run some water through the gutters to check if the water is coming out of the outflow opening. If little or no water flows out, it indicates a blockage somewhere. The blocks may be due to rusted pipes, faulty installation, environmental conditions, or punctures.

The clogging of underground drainage pipes creates pressure, causing them to burst. Exploring the causes that led to the situation will help you zero in on the location of the damage.

Step 2: Locate the broken gutter drain pipe

Dig with a shovel towards the exit point of the underground drainage. You will reach the exact area of the broken pipe. Make sure the line does not get damaged due to excessive digging. However, if the drain is too far underground, you may need a wire and metal detector arrangement or a water hose pipe.

gutter drain pipe underground repair illustration - find the pipe

Using a wire and metal detector, locate the blocked area and start digging at the precise spot to uncover the broken drainage pipe. If you are using a water hose pipe, turn it on and spray it all over the underground drainage area. The water will accumulate around the block, leading to the broken pipe.

Step 3: Patch up the visible ends of the gutter drain pipe

Do you notice any visible cuts on the drainage pipe at the inlet or outlet? Repair them by cutting off the damaged sections and fixing them using appropriate tools. If the tube near the downspout needs repair, remove the strap holding the downspout in its position and replace that section. You can fix the downspout back in place once the unit is successfully repaired. Depending on the pipe’s material, you may need special cutting tools.

When dealing with PVC pipes, the task may require professional assistance. PVC pipes are more challenging to work with than corrugated ones and need specialized tools to be fixed. Hire the services of our expert technicians at Titan Construction for complete gutter drain pipe repair. It will save you precious time and energy and help your underground drainage system hold up for longer.

Step 4: Conduct the repair of the gutter drain pipe

Once you have patched up the visible ends, you will need to rectify the root cause of the problem. Locate the general area of the damaged underground drainage system. Dig using a shovel to expose that area. Clean the surroundings enough so that dirt does not enter the pipes. Follow these steps to complete a successful repair:

  • Measure two inches on either side of the broken section and mark the points.
  • Use appropriate cutting tools to cut out that section.
  • Using the exact measurement, cut out a quarter of the new pipe you will use for replacement. Ensure that the new tube is the same diameter as the old one to prevent leakage issues. It is advisable to use PVC pipes for extended durability.
  • Place the new PVC pipe by connecting flexible rubber couplings to the existing pipe ends. Slide the couplings over to cover the new pipe completely.
  • Tighten the downspouts and seal up the gutter leaks wherever visible.

Step 5: Refill the surroundings

It is essential to refill the hole you have dug out once you have completed the gutter drain pipe repair. Pour fine gravel or dirt near the new pipe to provide additional support to your underground drainage system.

Tips to keep in mind after conducting a gutter drain pipe repair

Stay a step ahead in gutter maintenance by taking into account the following points:

  • Keep checking for leaks, rust, and holes and have them fixed immediately.
  • Reinforce the sagging sections whenever you notice them.
  • Prevent clogging by cleaning up the drainage system at least once or twice a year.
  • Install gutter guards to prevent debris from entering the gutters and causing blockages.

Titan Construction provides superior quality gutter installation, repair, and maintenance services in and around Plainfield, St. Charles, Orland Park, and Lombard.

The most sought-after gutter repair services

Although it is possible to undertake gutter drain pipe repair yourself, it often leads to more significant damage if not done correctly. Sometimes it is best to hire professionals to fix the issue. Our trained team of drainage engineers and technicians will help improve all your underground drainage issues at the most affordable rates. They will conduct a detailed area survey using CCTV technology. The exact problem will be tracked down and rectified using the correct approach.

Titan Construction is the right place to reach out to if you are facing gutter leaks and breakage issues or looking for a first-time installation. Contact us for any underground drainage queries, or email us at info@mytitanconstruction.com to get a free estimate.

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