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5 Ways To Repair A Door Frame

A door is the most used part of a home. So, it is obvious that prolonged use will cause damage and wear and tear to the door frame over time. Therefore, door maintenance is essential to keep it sturdy and durable. Any exterior damage, such as wearing off paint and the door losing its shine, can be repaired easily. The main problem lies when there is internal damage to the door frame itself such as wood rot and cracks. These structural damages require door frame repair and professional help. Our professionals at Titan will assess the condition of the door and tell you the best way to repair it. Here are 5 ways to do door frame repair and restoration for common damages.

Repairing Dents and Gouges

Dents and gouges can appear when there is any physical damage to the wooden door frame. It can be just a minor graze or a major dent in the door frame. Using the right material for patching door frame dents is important. Materials like polyester resin get the job done. All you need to do is apply the resin paste to the dented or gouged area and let it settle. Once it hardens, you can carve out the excess resin and shape it accordingly to match the confines of the door frame. After this, you can smoothen it out with sandpaper and make it a part of the door frame. Use a primer on the door frame and let it settle. Once the primer dries, paint the door frame to make it good as new.

Door Frame Repair: Filling Minor Wood Rot

Pay close attention to wood rots and assess them closely. If the wood there is only minor wood rot, then it can be repaired and patched. However, if the wood rot extends to more than 70% of the wooden door frame, then it is always better to get a door frame replacement. To fill a minor wood rot, it is important to first clean the rotten part and chisel it out. Then, using resin epoxy, you can coat the affected part to make it hard and restore its strength. The next step is to fill the rotten part with scrap wood or wire mesh and apply wood filler putty to seal it off completely. Using sandpaper, the excess putty can be taken off, giving the area a smooth texture. After this, apply the primer and paint the door to restore it to its former shine and aesthetic value.

Door Frame Repair: Fixing a Warped Door Frame

A warped door frame can happen due to loose screws on the hinges. You can fix a minor warp by tightening the screws of the upper and lower hinges to align the door. However, the hinges can rust and come loose. The door may keep on bending even after tightening the hinge screws. To fix that, all you need to do is change the door hinges. Moreover, adding a layer of steel shims can reinforce the door from bending or warping. Closely check the door molding and shims for alignment on each side so that the door frame remains parallel from top to bottom.

Door Frame Repair: Replace a Section of Frame

Replacing a section of the frame is a great way to repair the door when there is no need for a complete replacement. This method is most beneficial if only a part of the door frame is affected and doesn’t interfere with the working of the door. In cases of wood rot or dents in only a tiny section of the frame, cut out that section and insert a new section of the same size in its place. This helps save time and money to repair the door frame without much hassle.

Door Frame Repair: Replace a Door Jamb

Damaged or improperly installed door jambs, it may cause problems like the door not closing completely. The door jambs must align correctly and have the correct gap between the door and the frame. However, the jamb of the door frame can protrude out due to dampness or poor installation. A heavy forced entry can also damage the jamb of the door. To fix the jamb, you can remove the molding around the frame and take out the jamb. Once the jamb is out, replace it with a new door jamb that matches the dimensions of the door frame and aligns properly with the door.

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Repairing a door frame requires heavy-duty material and workmanship. It must be done professionally to ensure the durability of the door frame. We at Titan provide you with all the door frame repair services that you need.

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