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storefront door repair

storefront door repair

Commercial Storefront Door Repairs & Replacements

Attracting customers to step into your storefront is one of the critical roles in the success of any brick-and-mortar business model. That is why commercial establishments need an appealing and sturdy exterior. The doors are crucial design elements in commercial storefronts since they are the first point of contact for a customer entering the storefront. So, having a sturdy, high-quality entry door can withstand frequent usage without much wear and tear.

Having glass doors with a grand exterior attracts customers and allows them to view the interior of your store. Using reinforced glass doors is a great option for increased durability and safety. Maintenance of storefront doors is essential to increase their longevity. If your storefront door is somehow damaged, you should get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid interruption in access to your store. Our affordable storefront door repairs and replacements keep your business running without any hassle.

Storefront Door Repair: Taking Care of Your Commercial Store Doors

Doors at any commercial establishment are the most used element. So, taking care of them is quite crucial for their functioning. Oiling the hinges helps reduce friction and makes the doors easy to push and pull. However, less friction means the door will close with a speed that might damage or even shatter the glass. So, you can use a hydraulic door stopper to slow the closing speed.

Glass doors are a lot more fragile, so they need due care and attention. The wooden frames should be painted periodically to withstand harsh weather. Any damage to the storefront door can inhibit access to your commercial establishment. Therefore, taking good care of storefront doors through periodic repairs doesn’t let them shut for good!

Storefront Door Repair: Common Issues

A high-quality and professionally installed storefront door lasts for a long time. Investing in a high-quality commercial storefront door is crucial since they are subjected to harsh conditions. Therefore, they sustain a lot more wear and tear over time than residential doors. So, with time some of these common issues may arise in your commercial doors. If you encounter any of the below-mentioned issues, you must get them fixed as soon as possible to minimize any damage.

  • Broken handles due to forced entry
  • Warped doors
  • Bent rails
  • Rusty hinges and jambs make it difficult to operate the doors
  • Dented hydraulic stopper
  • Cracked or broken glass frame
  • Stuck closers make the door hard to close or open
  • The door may not sit right in the frame due to harsh weather and moisture, making the door lean on one side.
  • Moreover, the door can rub against the frame along the edges, causing it not to latch properly and making it easy to break the locks.

Storefront Door Repair: Types of Storefront Door To Choose

Storefront doors come in different types. The traditional commercial doors are a lot more sturdy and durable. However, it is essential to consider aesthetics and sturdy structure to withstand weather and burglars. The glass doors come with hinges with a wooden frame. Some commercial storefronts have an all-glass exterior with reinforced sliding glass doors.

Choosing glass doors are an excellent option since it gives a tidy appearance that is more inviting. But the safety and security may be compromised since glass is fragile. So, always consider installing a steel roll-up door to add an extra layer of protection to your store.

Some storefront types are mentioned below:

  • Steel storefront doors
  • Aluminium body with four glass cabinets
  • Glass swing doors
  • Glass sliding doors

Storefront Door Repair vs Storefront Door Replacement

If there is only minor damage and the fundamental fixtures are in good condition, then you should call for a storefront door repair. But when the damage is beyond repair, you should replace the storefront door. In situations of termite infestation, rotten wood, or completely broken and shattered glass frame, a replacement will be the best decision. Door replacements in these situations are much more affordable and a better investment strategy.

Whenever you sense damage to your storefront door, call an expert. Consulting with a professional helps with better decision-making. Getting to the root of the problem enables you to decide whether you only need a repair or a complete replacement. Sometimes, you might even replace a fully functioning door because you want to upgrade it. Any reason is good as long as you take steps to ensure that your storefront door is in optimum condition.

Schedule Storefront Door Repair with Titan

Repairing a storefront door requires heavy-duty material and workmanship. It must be done professionally to ensure the durability of the store door. We at Titan provide you with all the commercial storefront services that you need. We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in fixing all door-related storefront issues. The repairs and replacements are all taken care of once our experts diagnose the issue. Not only do we install new storefront doors, but we also repair existing doors. Our affordable services turn your dilapidated commercial storefront door as good as new. With our careful guidance and dedicated team of experts, you can get the best door options to keep your storefront attractive and within budget. Give us a call to schedule a consultation! We serve in these areas:

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So, if you happen to be someone owning a commercial establishment in these areas and want a storefront door repair, then contact Titan now.