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Commercial Door Repair

If you have been in an office building, and industrial property, shopping center or strip malls, or any commercial building, you have most likely used a commercial door. Indeed, in a busy building, these doors can be used over 5,000 per day. Of course, this means commercial door repair is needed at some point.

Notably, commercial doors are not the same as a normal residential property door. So, if there is an issue with a commercial door, it can be harder to fix. However, there are ways to solve these problems.

Hiring a Pro for Commercial Door Repair

First, consider if you want to hire a door service pro to help. Remember, commercial door repair is more intense than fixing a home door. If your commercial property has a glass entry door, overhead loading doors, or other unique doors, a pro may be better than a DIY fix.

To note, a local repair company could help you in many ways. In fact, they have experience including but not limited to:

  • Inspecting your door for breakage, mechanical, or automation issues
  • Having easy access to door parts and fast repairs
  • Tuning up your door to last longer

So, thinking about hiring a repair service for commercial door repairs is a good idea. However, there are some things you can do to check and fix a commercial door yourself.

Pivots & Hinges

Firstly, one common problem with commercial doors can be the pivots or hinges. To explain, the industry standard for commercial doors is 2 butt hinges for doors up to 60 inches in height. Additionally, a butt hinge should be added for every extra 30 inches in height. On average, these hinges should be about 5 inches wide.

If a hinge is loose or broken, the door will not line up within the frame. So, first check to see if any screws on the hinges are loose. If so, screw them in to make sure they are tight. If any screws are pulled out, you may need a new hinge.

Also, missing screws may cause damage to the door or frame, so check for this, too.

If the hinge screws are not letting the door swing open, try a continuous hinge. Indeed, a continuous hinge runs along the entire length of the door, putting less pressure on the screws. If this is the case, you may need a pro to help with repairs.

Weather Stripping

Second, check the weather stripping on your commercial door. To explain, weather stripping is the seal on a door that prevents outside temperatures from changing indoor temps. If this strip is too thick, it could prevent the door from closing.

To do this, peel off the old stripping and remove any adhesive left on the frame. Next, clean and dry the frame, and measure the top and sides of the frame. Then, after you picked the right stripping, cut pieces off according to your measurements and line them up the frame. After that, you can peel off the backing and the stripping will stick directly to the frame.

Jambs & Latches

Finally, an issue with a commercial door may be a problem with the jambs or latches.

To start, a door jamb is the side-post or lining of a doorway. On the other hand, a latch sticks out on a door and helps keep it shut. If either one of these is in the way of the other, it can cause issues.

Indeed, a common issue in commercial doors is for the latch to not line up with the strike plate. If this happens, this may be a hinge problem. Again, this can be solved by tightening the hinges or rehanging the door.

Also, a door jamb could be causing issues if it is not plumb, or precisely vertical. If so, get a plumb bob to counteract the weight and help the jamb stay in place.

Easy Commercial Door Repair

Overall, dealing with a commercial door repair can be more tricky than a regular door. Despite this, it can still be done with a little knowledge on commercial doors. However, if you still need help, call My Titan Construction to help with your commercial door repairs.