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board and batten siding

Board and Batten Siding

Even if you have never heard of it, you have probably seen board and batten siding before. Indeed, it has probably shown up on your online feeds, or you have seen it on homes on your own block. While it is popular now, this siding option goes back to over 200 years ago. Notably, that is part of its appeal. Due to its age, it can make a house feel regal yet modern. However, how did it become so popular? Read on to learn more about this popular style of home siding.

What Is Board And Batten Siding

As stated, this style was invented in the 1800s. When it was first made, it was used as an alternative to log cabins. This is because log cabins were harder to build and weathered easier. Due to this, this style of siding spread across America quickly. Traditionally, board and batten siding started with wide vertical planks, which are the boards. Then, these vertical boards would be joined together with thin vertical strips, which are the battens. Indeed, these vertical battens covered the seams on the boards. To create this siding, sawmills would be used to cut long boards. Then, the battens were put in to help make the structure airtight. After reading this, it is easy to see why this style became popular. For farmers, it was easy to make this type of siding. Thus, this siding became popular on farms. In fact, many farms nowadays still use this style. So, you have likely seen this siding if you have seen any farms. Also, this was inexpensive. Compared to log cabins, it was cheaper and quicker to construct this type of siding. So, it became popular among American farmers and spread from there. Today, this siding looks a little different. Notably, the boards are usually wider. Also, the battens are mostly decorative now. This makes it common among modern homeowners because it allows them to be creative with their siding. Indeed, many modern sidings are very unique with their use of battens.

How To Use Board And Batten Siding

Of course, many people use siding nowadays are create a personal aesthetic. Indeed, designers will mess with the batten spacing and use other materials to get a great look. Thus, it creates a look that is modern and traditional. Many people like this because it gives their house a fresh look while still appearing fancy and respectable. For example, modern farmhouses usually use this type of siding, but they will make the boards wider. Indeed, these wider boards provide a modern aesthetic, but does not make it look too busy. However, skinnier, tighter boards can also be used for a similar effect. This gives the house textured walls and gives it curb appeal. Overall, this siding can be used in many ways to make a house unique. Indeed, its versatility appeals to many modern homeowners.

Board And Batten Siding FAQs

Still, you may be wondering some things about this great type of siding. Hopefully, these answers can help!

What is it made of?

Originally, board and batten walls were made of wood siding. This is because almost all houses were made of wood when board and batten siding was originally made. However, this has changed. Indeed, wood is susceptible to moisture and insect damage, so it is not used as much now. Instead, many forms of this siding are now made of fiber cement siding. Notably, fiber cement is more durable than wood. Also, it is easier to maintain. Thus, it is the more popular option. When choosing the right color and material, make sure to also consider your roof, soffit, and fascia. To get the best look, make sure to match these colors. Otherwise, your house could look aesthetically wrong.

How much does installation cost?

Usually, board and batten siding costs are dependent on what type of material you use. Indeed, most projects will cost you between $100 to $1,000 per side on materials alone. For example, cypress and other softwoods can be between $400 to $2,100, depending on how much is needed. However, cheaper options exist. Cedar, a popular option, is between $280 to $300. Plus, most siding is painted after installation. Therefore, you will most likely add $15 to $45 onto whatever you pay for siding and labor. Labor is another cost to consider, too. Of course, you can do DIY board and batten, but this can be difficult. If you don’t have any siding experience, you should hire a pro. Either way, board and batten siding is a very popular option. Overall, it is great at making a house look modern and traditional. Plus, there are a lot of creative things that can be done with it. If you want some for your house, call Titan Construction for a quote today!